37 Coffee @ Krabi (Krabi, Thailand)

Close your eyes and picture this. You’re sitting in a bus, luggage in tow, excited to reach your next destination. You look out the window and there are walls and walls of limestone formations, lush green vegetation, clear skies and blue sea that span the horizon. This is my memory of Krabi but not without the folks I met at 37 Coffee @ Krabi.

We were exhausted from being on the road for such a long time, so when we arrived at Sleep Whale Hotel, we were relieved to see that there was a neighbouring coffee shop. It looked cute and fancy, nice and modern at the same time. As most of you know, I was on the hunt for some nice Thai-style tea during my trip. I had seen it on so many menus here in Toronto as well as in other cities, but I never really knew what differentiated Thai-style tea from let’s say, a plain black tea. Lo and behold, I found it at this café!

37 Coffee @ Krabi

When we walked in, there were some regulars chatting with the owners of the shop, enjoying their coffee and desserts. I ordered an authentic hot Thai-style tea (it had been pouring that day so it got quite chilly in the evening) but apparently, their machine to make tea had to be repaired. I was really disappointed but Kannika, the owner of 37 Coffee @ Krabi, was super nice and said that they would fix it by the next day so that I could try it. We ended up visiting them every day during our stay in Krabi. My partner ordered coffee, lattes, and some awesome dessert while I stuck with my Thai-style tea. Apparently, their banoffee is out of this world!


Not only were their coffees, teas, and desserts awesome and of high quality (their 100% Arabica coffee beans are imported and their desserts are freshly delivered from a bakery in Bangkok), I enjoyed being able to sit and chat with the owners the most. We learned more about Krabi, Thai culture, and about each other’s lives. 37 Coffee is owned by a husband and wife duo – the warmest people I’ve ever met! – and they opened this café because it was Kannika’s dream. Her passion definitely shows as she is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow their café. While we were there, there were little changes and upgrades each time we visited.


It was such a nice place to just sit and wind down in the evenings after full days of touring around Krabi. It is a quieter town, but a hub for tourists going to neighbouring attractions and islands. We had stopped there on the way to Koh Phi Phi. Honestly, I gotta say that one of the best days of our trip was the island tour in Krabi. Totally worth it to see one of the most beautiful places in the world. And to end off that day with some awesome company is just what makes travel one of my favorite things to do.

Fresh salads if you're not looking for something sweet!
Fresh salads if you’re not looking for something sweet!

By the end of our stay, we were so sad to leave our new friends. If you happen to visit Thailand, please pay a visit to 37 Coffee @ Krabi and leave with some happy memories!




For a really long time, I couldn’t figure out what made Thai-style tea so unique and different. I couldn’t pinpoint the taste. After doing some research, I found out that the reason why the tea is so bright in colour is because a lot of the tea mixes you buy have food colouring in it. For an authentic recipe, you can use a mix of spices – kind of like chai! Some people boil some strong black tea with crushed tamarind seeds, vanilla and some sugar et voilà! Other people use crushed cardamom, star anise and cloves or drink it with lemon. The popular version is served cold with condensed or coconut milk.

Here are a few recipes I’ve found that you might enjoy!

Vegan Thai Iced Tea with Vanilla by Minimalist Baker

Spiced Thai Iced Tea by the kitchn

Spiced Thai Iced Tea by White On Rice Couple

37 Coffee @ Krabi

* Pictures courtesy of Kannika Pipattanakarn, owner of 37 Coffee @ Krabi

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